Core competences

We stand for trends and quality

Tradix develops its promotional goods with a focus on design and subsequently puts these into practice to a professional and high standard. The range of goods includes office stationery, school supplies, art and craft utensils, artists' materials, toys and decorative items. To be able to provide our customers with the very best in product choice, we observe and analyse the international marketplace. We keep a close eye on the latest product trends and, from this solid base, we develop our products and product ranges.

We source from the Far East. Tradix, backed by the Wünsche Group family business, is also responsible for both product monitoring and product coordination. Furthermore, our company guarantees in-time logistics of all customer orders. From production through to delivery, we are synonymous with guaranteed quality standards for all our products.

We know our customers

With Tradix, our customers have a reliable partner on their side. We know your business, your structures, your requirements and we synchronise our services accordingly. We see our role as increasing the performance and presence of our customers vis-à-vis the end consumers, which we accomplish successfully thanks to our experience, expertise and global mindset.

The diversity of the Wünsche Group enables us to act flexibly and quickly to keep our focus always on the product. We provide open and honest and sometimes even questioning advice - thus contributing to progress and improvements.

Our suppliers are our partners

In its supplier relationships, Tradix relies on partnership and sustainability. We focus on joint developments and sustainable relationships. We treat our long-standing trade partners from all over the world with respect and fairness.

Tradix suppliers must meet the highest demands in terms of reliability and quality. To achieve this in the long term, our competent employees on site support our international partners.

We can rely on our team 100%

Our employees are our biggest asset - they are the reason for Tradix's success. We trust them and rely on them to make the right choices for themselves and to support each other. We do away with unnecessary hierarchies and prefer to encourage an open feedback culture - in all directions.

In doing so, we focus on quick decision-making, forward-thinking and less bureaucracy.

We understand your markets.