Product development

We are an original thinker in terms of new and exciting products

We enjoy improving existing ways of doing things or discovering something completely new. Uncovering trends, adapting developments at an early stage – this is the task of numerous experts throughout all the divisions of the Wünsche Group. They travel all over the world, visiting, for example, trade fairs and exhibitions, and are respected experts in their field and community – online and offline– focusing on changing and improving, and with the strategies and interests of all our clients in mind. What suits them best? How can an item be integrated into their range of goods? Which trends need to be considered for consumer items? What about the level of merchantability or safety?

These and other questions are answered by our engineers, designers and other experts during product development. In respect of new developments and optimisation of existing and new products, we offer honest, truthful and sometimes thought provoking advice – our foresightedness and innovative approach have a positive impact on the success of our clients.

Further product development services include:

  • Sampling
  • Developing prototypes
  • Defining product specifications, statutory rules and regulations, and client-specific requirements
  • Auditing and testing

We place great emphasis on teamwork when it comes to product development: We draw on the experience of our after sales service, are willing to listen and take quality assurance ideas on board, whilst striving to achieve the highest standards of sustainability and social responsibility.

If a product idea has been accepted, we choose the most strategically suitable producers. We make sure samples are ready and sent on time, check the level of quality and meet all the agreed requirements. These include client-specific, statutory rules and regulations and social standards.

We are constantly looking for new trends and ideas.