Ball-point pens

  • Metal writing instruments
  • Plastic writing instruments
  • Retractable ball-point pens
  • Twist ball-points pens

Gel pens

  • Gel pens with various coloured inks and in modern design
  • Glide gently across the paper

Fineliner pens

  • The classics for all of life's situations
  • Write, sketch or draw - everything with only one pen
  • In various designs and colours

Retractable pencil

  • For drawing, sketching or simply writing
  • Break-proof stored leads in plastic or metal
  • Mechanical or with automatic forward mechanism
  • Also suitable for DIY projects, e.g. as a craftman's retractable pencil

Touch pen

  • Operate smart phones and tablets comfortably and precisely
  • The right function and design to suit every taste


  • Highlight with a high level of luminosity
  • In various stroke widths and an ergonomic design
  • High resistance against light / UV radiation

Permanent markers

  • Durable, multi-purpose writing instruments
  • In aluminium or plastic housing
  • For nearly every kind of surface

Erasable rollerball pens

  • Ink can be cleanly erased
  • In stylish designs