The Wünsche Group

Especially traditional. And therefore especially flexible.

When a good idea becomes a great product, and this product then finds just the right manufacturer, and its way into your shopping cart is perfectly organised, then it may just be that the Wünsche Group is behind it all. What we began over 80 years ago in Germany is now what we are doing all over the globe today: in Europe, the USA and more and more in Australia and Asia. 

The trade industry is changing every day. And it is precisely the Wünsche Group’s decades-long experience which helps it tackle each job individually and with a fresh mind. Perhaps it is also the reason why the Wünsche Group is one of the market leaders in its sector: a family-owned and managed company, with the ability to innovate, to show responsibility and be a reliable partner – one which is rightly proud of its traditional merchant values and likes to take on whatever challenge is thrown its way.

Especially diverse. And therefore especially specialised.

Ludwig Wünsche established a grains and feed business in Halle, Germany, over 80 years ago. The growing company soon moved to Hamburg. In 1959, it entered the international food business, and has included non-food items in its product portfolio ever since the 1970s. And the Wünsche Group continues to grow today. In 2016, it encompassed more than 25 operative companies at over 35 locations, divided into six business fields: food, fashion, electronics, non-food, e-commerce and service. Like experience, diversity is one of the Wünsche Group’s greatest strengths. The holding is responsible for the broad base of expert knowledge, for the big picture.

At the same time, its customers profit from experts who are free of extra burdens so that they can fully dedicate their time to the job at hand. They can be found around the globe, on site, extremely close to suppliers and partners, and they are genuine geniuses in their field – both when it comes to everyday smarts and profound expertise. One of the Wünsche Group’s greatest strengths is its ability to bring out the many synergies deep within and across a company and to let these perfectly unfold – something which always particularly pleases our business partners.

Especially local. And therefore especially global.

Because it has its roots in the traditional merchant values of Hamburg, the Wünsche Group doesn’t make grand empty statements about company philosophy and values. We let deeds do the talking: the company trades honestly, fairly and professionally, and is upright towards its suppliers, employees and customers. Full stop. However, we at Wünsche have noticed with delight that these centuries-old values, known in the history of business in Hamburg, also lead to success in other cities too.

Today, the Wünsche Group proves both at its headquarters and in all corners of the earth that it pays off in the long term to be one of the good guys. And besides that, the drive to go out into the world is an essential part of any company based on traditional Hamburg values – one which Wünsche has taken far: to Sydney, Shanghai and Karachi.