Quality assurance

Good can never be good enough for our clients

In addition, we use a well-established, global network of labroratories in order to be present in the immediate vicinity oft he various production locations. We cooperate closely with almost all large independent testing institutes.   Within the Wünsche Group the experts of quality assurance are involved during product development.

Further quality assurance services include:

  • Accompanying procurement processes
  • Drawing up product specifications
  • Inspecting production sites
  • Carrying out tests with in-house technicians and engineers

Furthermore, we benefit from a well-coordinated network of laboratories around the world in order to carry out tests in the immediate vicinity of the various production sites. We work closely with almost every large independent test institute.

In terms of product quality, we rely on the skills and meticulous attention to detail of our quality assurance staff. They have the extensive know-how to meet the ever-increasing legislative requirements and the demands of our clients in every respect. The Wünsche Group has its own team of experts – from engineers to nutritional scientists – to ensure adherence to defined standards and specifications.

For instance, our quality controlling staff checks food produced overseas on site, thus guaranteeing a constant level of quality. In the technical field, the Wünsche Group boasts its own laboratory for product testing.

  • Executing audits for new products
  • Sampling
  • Managing claims
  • Reporting and evaluating

In the Wünsche Group, the quality assurance experts are also involved in product development. They use their extensive experience to constantly improve merchantability, composition and the control of tolerances.

Quality assurance is our back-up for developing marketable and competitive products.